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Revolutionizing the future of data sharing with our SYD technology that records, accesses, exchanges, and monetizes your data with a unique digital language that ensures full ownership of data
easy integration

SYD’s flexible local software container enables easy API configuration with no need for custom development, streamlining integration

data protection

SYD ensures data integrity and safeguards ownership by encrypting all data and workflows with a unique Customer Key

unique digital ID

SYD ensures every product is assigned a digital identity, simplifying management throughout its entire lifecycle

data monetization

SYD facilitates the transformation of increasing volumes and types of data into an asset, providing data owners with the opportunity for monetization

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Revolutionize your processes with efficiency and monetization

Automate your processes, optimize workflows, reduce operational costs, and monetize information exchange to transform information management from a cost to a revenue source

Discover what Celerya is

  • Scalable platform facilitating smart data interchange across your value chain
  • Interoperability with Unique Digital ID
  • Control over what data you share and what you keep confidential
  • Our platform redefines your data as a sellable asset
  • We’re not just another Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system
  • No Need for System Overhauls to your enterorise management
  • We are not a data profiling entity. Our core principle is to uphold data security
  • Our platform integrates easily, bypassing extensive IT projects
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